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    Why I Bloody Hate Modern Action Movies

    With the exception of X-Men movies. But mostly because they have some of my all time favorite actors (Hugh, Ellen, Ian, James -McAvoy not Marsden-, Michael) and the fact that I watched the cartoon series as a child. Tarantino’s movies score very high on my all-time favorites also (Tim Roth and Christoph Waltz must be relatives, I tell you!). Anyway, here’s a blunt list of why I hate cheesy action movies: 1. Super cheesy one-liners, the stuff that I keep seeing on Marvel movies 2. Overly done boys. I mean, oh dear! Do you see the stuff on Chris Evans’ face on his movies? Are those 7 layers of foundation…

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    Maison Margiela Fall 2015

    Margiela has definitely quite steered away from its roots since the depart of their former boss, the Martin Margiela himself. I’m no fashion expert so I won’t be criticizing the silhouette, the shoulder line, and so on so on. I just watch and spectate and I can quite say it’s starting to embrace the mass culture of grunge, fur, and a little goth perhaps? The parts that get to me (most likely because they involve long coats):   The parts I don’t quite get: See the full collection here and tell me what you really think? Are they actually good and I’m the one with bad taste, or do they…

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    Blog Envy

    There are lots of times when I was blogsurfing and I was feeling this rush of unknown fluid going through my veins. Those happened for quite some time and on multiple occasions and I started to identify it as blog envy. It’s this feeling that you just suck big time compared to other blogs next door. It’s of course, unhealthy, just like any other envy in life. One of my 2015 resolution is that I’m gonna cut down the blog envy, and other real life envies for that matter.       -The Dilly Chic-

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    The Pain of Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Men – Part I

    I raised this topic mostly because I thought about this a lot lately, and even bothered by it a lot too. If you’re an insecure woman -which is all women- read on, please. Many many years ago, my life was surrounded by exclusively women. My junior high and high school were all-girls. I was amongst one who give not a single fuck about dem boys, and one who was always late in “digging in” other people’s lives. Those just did not matter to me. Sure my boobs and hips grew at the same time and same pace as any other women, but my sense of insecurity and dissatisfaction definitely came late. Back then,…