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    The Freedom in Books

    There’s a lot to describe in a sentence. When we read the sentence, “The blue sky above”, shits fly in our heads, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s freedom in one single sentence and there are thousands of them in a single book.   You actually get a lot of freedom from watching TVs also.

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    Thoughts on Buying Preloved Luxury

    This was the most debatable topic of the year 2015 for my mother and I. Each time I brought up this topic (or bought a secondhand item) my mother’s eyes and mouth go “WHAT?! ABSOLUTE NO! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN THINKING #$@#$^!^@%^!!!!!”. Okay, she’s old school and she likes her stuff new and shiny. I get it. Me? I’m old school and I don’t care where I get my stuff.   The heated discussion first arises when I bought a preloved A&F denim shorts and a local handmade super awesome cowhide bag. I bought the A&F shorts for about $5 (or IDR 70000) and the super awesome cowhide bag for about $25…

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    We’re lost in the woods, I get it. We’re entrapped within the very boundaries of what’s right and what we think is right, I get it. Boyfriend high on pills and abusive? Totally get it (not really, sorry). Art gives everyone the promise of escaping, eluding the dreadful dramatory (short for drama purgatory) that is life. Your best friend backstabbed you? You paint. Your lover dissed you for that ho with the visible thong? You make crafts to sell on Etsy. Your achievement escaped you? You write about the newest Alexander Wang >< H&M collab. Point is, the only one thing that comforts your soul better than the chocolate chip…

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    Know Your Leather, Ladies (Leather 101)

    The battle of the leather is one that stretched for centuries, and for more centuries to come, hopefully. As a child and adolescent, just like every other child and adolescent out there, I was terrified and petrified with leather. It instantly translated as “dead animal skin, dead animal skin, dead animal skin” in my head. So, naturally, I would flinch and frown and threw a look of disgust every time I would come across items made of leather. That was a proof I was normal (girls under 18 who beg their daddies to buy them Balenciaga are bullshits lemme tell you). So, just like normal women I, too, managed to…