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    Tracing Back to Then

    One day in 2012, a cute girl decided to draw and made a blog. That girl was me. Like everybody else who had a blog and a handful of artsy projects, I felt like I was so unique, so different, so in the "bon chic bon genre" thing, and if anybody was to disagree with me, they must be either outrageous or religious.

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    The Sh*tstorm in the Blogosphere

    I think a lot of bloggers out there -not just fashion- will agree with me that the blogosphere is dwindling, and it's dwindling down hard. People have almost completely lost interest in text and reading in general.

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    The Freedom in Books

    There’s a lot to describe in a sentence. When we read the sentence, “The blue sky above”, shits fly in our heads, and that’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s freedom in one single sentence and there are thousands of them in a single book.   You actually get a lot of freedom from watching TVs also. Share this post