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    Entry #4: "Happiness" According to 5 Great Thinkers

    We throw the H word around a lot, perhaps more so than we’d like to. We’ve also scoured through tons and tons of website, self-help books, TED speakers and Instagram influencers to truly understand the concept of happiness. Not surprisingly, we fail most of the time. We get perked up and excited for about 5 minutes, then we forget what we had read. It’s understandable because happiness means different things for each of us. And it is one of those things that gets further away the moment we think we’re getting close to it. Thankfully for us, a lot of great thinkers over the past centuries have mulled over the…

  • Self Awareness in Uncertain Times
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    Entry #2: Practicing Self-Awareness in the Midst of Uncertainty

    Despite seeming so straightforward, the task of persevering our self-awareness is a difficult one to endeavor. The difficulty of the task is even more amplified amidst the COVID-19 situation, a global pandemic that forces us to revamp our routines, sometimes with negative consequences to our well-being. If there’s one good thing that comes out of this, it’s that it gives us the time and space we need to evaluate our outlook on life. But how should we go about doing it, especially when we are faced with so many uncertainties? To help answer this, here are some ways we can practice to keep ourselves going from some of the great…

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    Entry #1: Why Self-Awareness is the First Step towards Happiness

    Admittedly, the title of this post sounds difficult and technical, but I promise you the concept is simple (yet often misunderstood). We go on our days usually on autopilot. We pull through our often stressful days, each with myriads of events that lead to either bliss or stress (mostly stress probably). What we often forget as we are doing our daily grind is self reflection. Without us realising, some things have turned out well, and some others went wrong. Then we find ourselves thinking: “wait, what happened?” What self-reflection does for us When we lack sufficient amount of self-reflection, we tend to miss certain “clues” that will enrich our lives.…