Thinking is universal, but thoughts are not

For us, some thoughts are as absolute as mathematical equations. So throughout the journey of our lives, we continue to be surprised by how different our thoughts are to others. Sometimes they’re small things we notice with people around us. Your spouse thinks TV in the bedroom is fine, you think otherwise. Yeah cool. Your friend likes to date guys of the same race, you like a mixed bag of beans. Okay whatever makes you happy.

Then there are things bigger than our understanding that blow us away. Far right movements, inexplicable crimes,  beliefs too radical to be true. How?

When it comes to these extreme cases, it’s hard to discern that they think in the same manners as we do. Hard to think that people so different from us are living among our society, breathing the same air as us. Then we start to discuss how things end up this way, why people can’t think rationally, why common sense is lost. 

The question we should ask ourselves is this:

“Do I realize that there exist minds so different from mine, yet equally normal and sound?”

A way for us to start answering this perhaps, is to start small. Think small. See small. Notice differences in small things. The possibilities, the reasons, the consequences. And what better way than to start small from each one of us?

Taller Things aims to equip people with the power to see

Because to understand, we must first be able to see. See differences, reasons, roots, communities, humans. Unlike money, knowledge, power, or most other resources in the world, the ability to think and see things clearly is something that becomes more valuable when more people possess it.

Only when you are able to see could you make a choice: to stand your ground to your belief, or adopt a different way of seeing.

This platform aims to be a safe haven for anyone to ruminate, clarify, and discuss their thoughts

It is not a course on ethics and morals, so there is no right or wrong. Only you can decide which will lead to the most beneficial outcome for you and others. What stands in the way just you and the chance of seeing the world in a completely different way.

Hope you have a mind-bending journey here, and see you on the way!

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