Personal blog by NadyaHW, maintained in the name of ego and digital thirst. I love being behind a metal case with a screen on it. You won’t understand anything better after reading this blog, but you will share my love and hatred towards it and here’s hoping that’s more than enough.

Enjoy, repeat, and enjoy some more.



  • indranil sinha

    We’re interested in advertising on your blog. Let me know if you’re interested in discussing further about it.

    Indranil Sinha
    SEO Executive
    Accu-Rate Media

  • Louise

    I would just like to say I adore your blog Nadya! I love your illustrations they’re so unique 🙂 – have a fantastic day!

  • Vu Le

    Hi Nadya,

    I’m the founder of SHOPYA.com. We recently had a soft launch during Spring of 2014, and are looking to grow our community of fashion enthusiasts. I wanted to personally invite you to check us out.

    By the way, I discovered your website through an old blog comment on HeartIFB.com. I noticed that you mentioned you weren’t a style blogger but wanted to make a living in the fashion industry. I think we can help.


    What makes SHOPYA unique is that we are building a human curated fashion search engine. In other words, every item you see listed has been selected by a real person. As our inventory of curated fashion products grows, SHOPYA will become a valuable resource for shoppers.

    We also enable profit sharing with our contributors. As a style expert, you are welcome to post your affiliate links where relevant. The links will remain on our site as long that item is still being sold online. The beauty of this business model is that we all benefit from working together, and your success would be dependent on the SHOPYA community and vice versa.

    Here’s a FAQ with more details:

    Another neat feature is that you can create a personalized profile page and URL. Other members can “Follow” you and thereby increase your exposure and earnings.

    Here’s a sample profile page:

    As a reminder, we are still in the early days of launching SHOPYA, but expect things to grow pretty quickly once we ramp up. This would be a good opportunity to get in on the ground floor. We’ll take care of the difficult stuff for you such as marketing, so you can focus on curating fashion and earnings.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!



    Founder, SHOPYA

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