Entry #1: Why Self-Awareness is the First Step towards Happiness

Admittedly, the title of this post sounds difficult and technical, but I promise you the concept is simple (yet often misunderstood).

We go on our days usually on autopilot. We pull through our often stressful days, each with myriads of events that lead to either bliss or stress (mostly stress probably). What we often forget as we are doing our daily grind is self reflection. Without us realising, some things have turned out well, and some others went wrong. Then we find ourselves thinking: “wait, what happened?”

What self-reflection does for us

When we lack sufficient amount of self-reflection, we tend to miss certain “clues” that will enrich our lives. For example, we may not be aware until it’s too late that we’re stuck in a job we dislike, or in a relationship that is not working out. And these are just the big events that happen in our lives. Imagine the smaller pieces of clues that get left out when we forget to stop and analyse. We might not even realise that certain types of food bring us more energy and satisfaction than others. Or maybe certain smells, sceneries, among many other hidden gems.

The same holds true for our thoughts. It’s ingrained in us humans to think about thousands of different thoughts throughout the day. Some thoughts are more beneficial than others. Yet a lot of times, we let the harmful thoughts fester in our minds instead and we continuously repeat them on autopilot. Without us realising, we have identified these thought patterns as our personality or our identity, something that is an inherent trait. And that is not true.

We can’t spend the rest of our lives doing trial and error to find happiness

Thinking is not a passive state. It’s incorrect to assume that thoughts just come to us automatically and we just react based on them. Reframing our thoughts, and therefore, our behavior and identity, is possible. In fact, the continuous process of reframing and improving our thoughts will bring about the key to happiness.

Without this process of continuous improvement, we are leaving our happiness to chance. If somehow, we’re lucky enough to keep making the right decisions that makes us happy, then we’ll be a happy person. But if we’re not, then that will leave us unhappy and unsatisfied for a long time. If there is one thing we know, life is too short for us to keep making mistakes. Trial and error works for a lab experiment in a controlled setting, but not for our lives.

Therefore, self awareness becomes crucial for us to start our path towards happiness. When we become aware of our own thought patterns and actions, we understand ourselves better. By understanding ourselves better, then we’ll be better equipped to actively make decisions that will enhance our happiness.

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Hope to see you around!

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