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Tracing Back to Then

One day in 2012, a cute girl decided to draw and made a blog. That girl was me. Like everybody else who had a blog and a handful of artsy projects, I felt like I was so unique, so different, so in the “bon chic bon genre” thing, and if anybody was to disagree with me, they must be either outrageous or religious.

One thing I realized, though, is that I definitely had more willpower back then. I didn’t sleep for days cooking my next cool project or drawing for this blog. I didn’t give a horse shit what my peers were thinking, and most likely my peers didn’t give a lot of bat shit about me and my artsy projects, neither. I was resilient. Money was no issue.


Fast forward to now, I’m a goddamn content creator for a goddamn digital agency, mostly dealing with digital brand activation. I have this digital go-fever. I lost my touch in conventional methods of image making. Do I regret this? No. Here is where I wanted to be 4 years ago. I’m bloody grateful to where I’m standing now. BUT (ugh, of course there’s a but), from time to time I wonder where that cute little idealistic girl ran off to. I wonder what happened to that girl who changed dramastically in 4 years. At the end of the day, my answer is “I don’t know”. Always.

Anyway, since I’m in a very nostalgic mood that promotes further melancholy, I want to share this post I recently came across again. I’m a little self-absorbed today, so you don’t really have to read this through if you get sick easily. I took this post from a fellow fashion blogger called Brittany Farris. She’s the owner of the fashion blog She’s All Smiles (check it out here). She interviewed me back in 2013 for my eyeshadow illustration works. She was super nice to have done that and I’m forever in debt because apparently this blog post became quite popular in the independent blogger community when fashion blogging was still a legit occupation to do. I only realized the popularity of the link TODAY. WOW, NADYA, WOW.

Reading this interview, I’m sure you can imagine the puppy sparkle in my idealistic eyes back then in 2013. Oh so dreamy, oh so young, oh so clueless about the course of this damned world, oh so very little Tarantino influence in my life, and oh so cute.

That prolog went on longer than expected. Hm… Watevs, here’s the interview:

I am so excited to have had the chance to interview Nadya! She is an amazingly talented artist. Above is a picture she drew for my husband and me, I absolutely love it! Nadya is always working on various projects, you can check out her work on her blog, The Dilly Chic.

1. What inspired you to draw images using eye shadow?

“I wanted to be a makeup artist when I was younger, but my passion shifted instead to fashion and illustrating and such. That’s why I had eyeshadow lying around, and the day I decided to seriously pursue illustrating, I didn’t have any other coloring equipment (and I’m a broke college student as well), so I used eyeshadows. It has become a trademark ever since.”

2. How long have you been drawing?

“For as long as I can remember! I was mostly doodling back then (in elementary school), but I never took it seriously. It was a hobby, it was a sweet escape. I’ve only been seriously illustrating -and keeping a portfolio ever since- since September of last year.”

3. Can you tell us about your first time experimenting with eye shadow as a drawing medium?

I was heavily influenced by the stuff I came across the internet, mostly Garance Dore and other artists. Then I decided that I wanted to draw, truly, truly wanted to draw. It was late at night and I was urging to draw, but I had no other coloring equipment in my room. So I tested the water with the only colors in my room, which came from my lovely eyedhadow palette.”

4. What are your favorite objects to draw?

“PEOPLE! Definitely people, women to be more specific. And especially the face, and oh… The eyes! There’s something about the eyes that I love to draw so much.”

5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? 

“As you can guess perhaps, drawing, and writing stuff. I also enjoy the company of a nice cup of coffee and my iPod. And blog surfing of course, that’s where all the juices come from!”

6. What other creative endeavors are you involved in?

“I regularly paint with water colors, and I’m currently in charge of design & layout of my college major’s magazine.”

7. What do you hope to do in the future?

“I really, really wish to be able to be a full time blogger and illustrator. I can’t see myself doing anything else, really. I’ve done some works before, and even though this one is the toughest one to do full time (for it to be able to support me financially), I still hope to be able to do so. That would be the ultimate goal.”

It’s crazy when I think about it. Independent bloggers really looked out and supported one another back then. It’s crazy how something that used to belong to so many people with such easy access suddenly became a diva only club, and the only access is through… I don’t know. I don’t know how those ka-ching bloggers get to where they are now. Okay pardon me, that’s it for this post.

I’m in the mood for controversy. Stay tuned for the next post, okay?

-The Dilly Chic-

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