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The Sh*tstorm in the Blogosphere

I’ve been away for 129361830 years at least. Abandoning this blog (a.k.a my baby that I’ve babysat since 2012) used to bring me a hurricane¬†of guilt, soul depravity, and a holocaust of emptiness from the dark depth of my heart. Ok, exaggeration alert there

I think a lot of bloggers out there -not just fashion- will agree with me that the blogosphere is dwindling, and it’s dwindling down hard. People have almost completely lost interest in text and reading in general.

Also, discovery has been made far easier with social media’s shiny new algorithms that let people see and connect with similar minds. Why go through all the trouble of clicking through one blog then another then another just to find one that you actually WANT to read? That shit just doesn’t make sense anymore nowadays. If you’re really keen about finding out about someone, just stalk through their social media or ask something on their (DO NOT GET ME STARTED¬†ABOUT PEOPLE WHO HAVE ASK.FM), reading about their writing is pretty much pointless unless you’re a hardcore hipster/stalker.

Unless, of course, you’re one of the few blessed souls out there who still gives a shit. You still genuinely give a shit about opinions, text, and the awe of discovering something yourself. You’re someone who hates shiny new algorithms and you love strolling on people’s blog because you love discovering other people on this planet other than yourself. If you are, may your walk be stumble-free, may your soul be rich, and may your ship sail smoothly in the course of your life.

All blessings aside, people such as yourself are rare these days. I will be the first to admit that I’m no longer the hardcore reader/loner that I’ve always been. Things are given to my face so I rarely take on the liberty of sightseeing the view myself. Hence, the abandonment of this blog, and my inner soul in general (oh crap, the melancholy).

I think the blogosphere would like to apologize. I think bloggers worldwide would like to apologize. We don’t know what happened, but things happen and we’re letting it happen, although not on purpose.

Thoughts, people?

-The Dilly Chic-

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