Our Identity

Entry #1: How We Shape Our Identity Through Clothes

When we look at the mirror, we know the answer to this straight away. But the what is perhaps much easier than the why. Why are you wearing that? Why do we wear certain outfit to school, to work, to a party, to a friend’s wedding? What shaped these decisions?

From the day we were born until now, our fashion decisions create the style that we embrace today. What happened back then? What made us decide to buy certain items? The first reason must be because our parents chose them for us, and we followed along until we’re mature enough to navigate the confusing world of fabric.

Our styles, and along with it, our identity, kept shifting and turning, until now. Thinking back to the times before our initial decision shifted, before anything change our decision to sport a certain look or image will benefit us in understanding our decision pattern that led to who we are (or the image we portray) today.


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