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    How to Train Your Dragon 3: On Growing Up and Growing Apart

    Disclosure: I’m a sucker for animated films. Never have I failed to shed a tear watching Pixar and Dreamworks films. How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World is no exception for me, if not way more emotional. The thing is, I missed the first and second film in 2010 and 2014, and had only watched both last year, so the plot and storyline were still deeply engraved in my memory. The thing about these animated films is that they are so beautifully made, you get sucked so easily in the surreal world of the film, and deep down you feel like seeing a glimpse of your own life in the…

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    Our Imagination is Not Imagination, At All

    But rather, a collection of pieces and bits from previously collected memories and mental images. Breaking my one year hiatus with a deductive reasoning writing (thesis first, supporting arguments and evidences later). So fun. Let me give some context to the background of this particular blog post. I’m a fond reader of philosophy and psychology in general, but have been rather lazy about it. Most of what I do is browse through Brain Pickings, read books that look interesting and slightly related to them (review of “Man’s Search for Meaning” is coming up, by the way), and read existential crisis articles here and there to try and at least scratch the surface…

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    Tracing Back to Then

    One day in 2012, a cute girl decided to draw and made a blog. That girl was me. Like everybody else who had a blog and a handful of artsy projects, I felt like I was so unique, so different, so in the "bon chic bon genre" thing, and if anybody was to disagree with me, they must be either outrageous or religious.