Thoughts on Buying Preloved Luxury

This was the most debatable topic of the year 2015 for my mother and I. Each time I brought up this topic (or bought a secondhand item) my mother’s eyes and mouth go “WHAT?! ABSOLUTE NO! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN THINKING #$@#$^!^@%^!!!!!”. Okay, she’s old school and she likes her stuff new and shiny. I get it. Me? I’m old school and I don’t care where I get my stuff.

Woman Thinking

To buy or not to buy?


The heated discussion first arises when I bought a preloved A&F denim shorts and a local handmade super awesome cowhide bag. I bought the A&F shorts for about $5 (or IDR 70000) and the super awesome cowhide bag for about $25 (IDR 320000). That felt super awesome because both things look super awesome when they arrive, and of course I dry cleaned them first at the nearest launderette. It felt like a super steal and super bargain. My mom agreed to disagree, though.

Yeah okay, maybe Abercrombie&Fitch and a local leather bag isn’t exactly luxury. You can start pitying me (you can ask me for my PayPal email if you’re willing to transfer some money for me). That’s fine and all. BUT! When I told my mom that I’m gonna save so that one day I could get an Hermes scarf from Reebonz, she went like, “YOU’D BETTER NOT BUY A GODDAMN SCARF SECONDHAND, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT KIND OF SHIT EXISTS IN PEOPLE’S SCARVES!” (okay my mom didn’t use any curse word, they’re just for dramatic effects).

I hope you get what I mean. I’m kind of addicted to buying secondhand stuff as long as they’re in pristine condition, and so are some of my friends. But my mom and a lot of my other friends swear off buying stuff other people already used. They made a lot of sense, actually. But I still think laundry and dry cleaning your stuff basically made them new, right? So what’s the big deal? I mean, I wouldn’t buy an LV bag with a hole in the middle even if it’s 1/100 of its original price.


What do you think on preloved luxury and secondhand stuff in general? Big steal or big pile of bullcrap?




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Shopbop Black Friday November Sale!

November is a good month indeed! Shopbop offers up to 25% off ALL ITEMS, even including already marked down items! This is no promo, just want to share this nice deal with all of you, cause I’m one of their partner bloggers and I’m nice. Shopbop is also one of my most favorite shopping site, since they offer stuff from brand names to lesser known names all in one place, curated regularly and they have an amazing fashion editor to style every single piece they sell. Be sure to check out! Offer ends at 11:59pm PACIFIC TIME on November 30th.

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Why I Bloody Hate Modern Action Movies

With the exception of X-Men movies. But mostly because they have some of my all time favorite actors (Hugh, Ellen, Ian, James -McAvoy not Marsden-, Michael) and the fact that I watched the cartoon series as a child. Tarantino’s movies score very high on my all-time favorites also (Tim Roth and Christoph Waltz must be relatives, I tell you!).

Anyway, here’s a blunt list of why I hate cheesy action movies:
1. Super cheesy one-liners, the stuff that I keep seeing on Marvel movies
2. Overly done boys. I mean, oh dear! Do you see the stuff on Chris Evans’ face on his movies? Are those 7 layers of foundation I’m seeing? I know he’s probably porcelain-ish on real life too, but this is SK-II ad material we’re seeing.
3. Less than mediocre acting. Talk about Stallone, Statham, Schwarzsxzeneggggah, and the gang.
4. Unbelievably over-amazing fantastic super skills, we’re talking Bourne and Bond here.
5. The cheap girls that fell to cheesy one-liners. I can’t even bear to give an example to this anymore.


Not very appetizing after I told you about the foundation, eh?

Not very appetizing anymore, eh?


Anyway, what ultimately concerns me is the fact that there are so many young kids aspiring to be the next Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, or spider-bitten Parker. They have absolutely no idea there are no wonderful CG and an awesome team of overworked graphic designers on their back. This perhaps can cause some distorted reality that knocks them right off the real world. They probably think chicks like Black Widow pop up if you become a hero or something. They’re not thinking about tracking down Johansson and smooth-talking her to bed in person, you know what I mean? Nor do they think about how badly they treat their girlfriends/boyfriends because nobody in the “real world” gives a shit. I can tell you this because way back then I thought if I studied enough and asserted myself properly I’ll be a doppelganger, no shit.

On the next post, I’ll tell you why I much much much much prefer both classic and modern dramas. They’re kind of an inspiration for my behaviors too!


NB: Good to see you again! Don’t leave me alone again, kay? I feel like talking to myself at times.




-The Dilly Chic-

Maison Margiela Fall 2015

Margiela has definitely quite steered away from its roots since the depart of their former boss, the Martin Margiela himself. I’m no fashion expert so I won’t be criticizing the silhouette, the shoulder line, and so on so on. I just watch and spectate and I can quite say it’s starting to embrace the mass culture of grunge, fur, and a little goth perhaps?

The parts that get to me (most likely because they involve long coats):






The parts I don’t quite get:


The pants and that hat? No


None the creative at all


Those pants again, this time with meshy top. No


Track pants with meshy top? Another no

See the full collection here and tell me what you really think? Are they actually good and I’m the one with bad taste, or do they suck?




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