We’re lost in the woods, I get it. We’re entrapped within the very boundaries of what’s right and what we think is right, I get it. Boyfriend high on pills and abusive? Totally get it (not really, sorry).

Art gives everyone the promise of escaping, eluding the dreadful dramatory (short for drama purgatory) that is life. Your best friend backstabbed you? You paint. Your lover dissed you for that ho with the visible thong? You make crafts to sell on Etsy. Your achievement escaped you? You write about the newest Alexander Wang >< H&M collab.

My Sad Bitch - watermarked

Point is, the only one thing that comforts your soul better than the chocolate chip mint ice cream is art. All form of art. All kinds of contexts of art. Be it personal, commercial, or whatever, you know one thing: you found your dramatic venture through creativity.


And don’t you say no.




-The Dilly Chic-

Eyeshadow Illustration – The Woman from The Sartorialist

Now now, my long overdue absence doesn’t mean I’m vanishing from the eyeshadow illustration world altogether. The insecurities and displease still attack from time to time, but hey that’s none of your business because this blog ain’t gonna talk about my emotions and personal life and all dat stuff!

Woman the Sartorialist - watermarked

Onto the gem then, this one is taken from Schuman’s photograph looooooong ago. I honestly can’t remember when I saw it and when this pic was posted on The Sartorialist. Hence, the vague title name. But if anybody recalls who this woman is or what street this photograph is taken from, that would be golden peach!




-The Dilly Chic-

VOGUE: The Brutal Truth Issue

Disclaimer: this is obviously not an actual Vogue issue. I am in no way closely affiliated with Conde Nast except that I’m an occasional reader who can only dream of looking like one of their vigorously photoshopped girls. This is more of an imaginary issue I’ve always had in my mind that would be perfectly suitable for Vogue (I chose Vogue because 1). I’m biased, and 2). I know what font Vogue uses for its cover). Because, y’know, magazines like to spark some brilliantly concocted delusions upon us all, not in a bad way though.

Imaginary Vogue Issue


I came up with this from a random passing thought obtained during one of those sleepless nights.

“What if magazines actually tell the truth? What if people are told the cold hard truth they’ve been avoiding their whole life? What would their reaction be? Will they still be blindly buying and cult following those mags?”

You know, the usual thoughts emitting from a 20 year old engineering student.


So to answer my questions… Wait, I actually am not hoping my questions would be answered because: 1) I already knew the answers, 2) I don’t like the answers, and 3) It won’t happen anyway. Even though magazines like to give out real life tips and all, I doubt they’ll do something massive like telling people the actual secrets of life. The cold bubble of truth. Besides, we all know truth is like a double-edge sword. Truth hurts those unequipped with the proper armor.

After all, how biased is the statement “One Direction sucks!”? I mean come on, such statement only comes from people who have had a taste of real music in life. And the fact that some people love to buy things because “they’ve seen them in some magazines“? They don’t understand the process of discovering their personal styles. Therefore, they don’t like to be attacked with the truth, because if they know, GOSH, they might have to try figuring it out (which is a bummer, because they’d rather research which hot male actors are gay).

Which one do you prefer? Magazines telling the truth or selling delusions?




-The Dilly Chic-

How to Illustrate with Eyeshadows (with Step by Step Process)

So what I’m gonna do is tell you how to draw and color with a little bit of twist. Yes, you might need this for your life! You can do a simple illustration you want to put at your site or book cover or even your bedroom wall for the world to see without having to steal someone else’s work. Or maybe you just want to hype up your creativity, anything really! This post is applicable to all media, not just eyeshadows, but because that’s what I do most often, that’s what I want to post.

Enough chit chat, here we go!


1. The Tools

Obviously, to draw stuff you’re gonna need drawing stuff. No need for anything fancy. Just grab any waterproof pen and marker that you can find at the nearest store. Oh, and you should try to find one that dries quickly (test it out by making a line and quickly smudging with your finger), because you don’t want your work to get ruined by your own hands, right?

Second, choose your coloring media (pencil colors, eyeshadows, watercolor, etc). If you only want to decorate your room and test your creative waters, I suggest buying affordable tools first. Pentel and Lyra watercolors and Faber Castell pencil colors are great for starters.

IF you’re really curious about drawing with eyeshadows, then just pick out any kind of eyeshadow you have on you! After a while, you’ll start to notice which ones settle well on paper and the ones that don’t. I personally use BH Cosmetics 120 Color 2nd Edition –get it here– (yay promo!), since the colors are very pigmented and they settle well in paper, but you can use pretty much anything you can get your hands on. (for cheap eyeshadows alternative, try e.l.f Cosmetics’
e.l.f. Studio 150-Piece Geometric Eyeshadow Palette
icon or
e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

alat gambar baru


2. The How-To

I like to sketch out my illustrations with pencil first, so I can make sure I can fix any faulty lines and such. No idea what to draw? Not an excuse! With so many Pinterest-ing and Instagram-ing, I doubt you’d get stuck. Quoting a certain artist/ person: “A blank canvas can be very daunting. Make a scribble and it will go away“. So go ahead and make your scribble!

Side note: most artists don’t even know what they want to draw until they scribble randomly and inspiration comes to mind.


3. The Process

Sometimes, I do my drawings based on people’s photograph or out of random nuts. I think you already know how to draw randomly, so I’m gonna show the process when I draw people instead. Here’s the pic of the person I was drawing, the lovely Jezz from Jezz Dallas MAKE UP Your Mind (published with her permission, of course)

jezz dallas_to draw

Sketch with pencil

I always try to spend a lot of time with the pencil sketch, being a perfectionist bitch that I am, to make sure I get all the lines all correct and in place. REMEMBER: when you draw a person, every line is crucial. Pay mega attention to the photograph and to your own drawing. Be a perfectionist when it comes to drawing a person, even when you’re making a cartoon or illustrations, every trait is important.

Pencil sketch, still very raw

Pencil sketch, still very raw


Line the sketch with pen and marker

Along the way, you’ll find faults with your pencil sketch. Even if you’re a super mega perfectionist detailed person, it’s fine to make faulty lines with the pencil. Just make sure when you find one, quickly fix it and line with pen and marker. Or make line adjustment along the way, whichever you think better.

Notice the differences between this one and the pencil sketch?

Notice the differences between this one and the pencil sketch?


Start coloring

Once again, choose any media you prefer. Making mistakes is perfectly fine, just keep practicing (something I say to myself everyday).

Note: If you use eyeshadows, it’s going to be hard getting the precision you want, since I can find no applicator or brush with very tapered angle for precision drawings. If you use water color, make sure your paper is thick enough(at least 150 gsm) so you wouldn’t ruin your own drawing.

Halfway to go!

Halfway to go!


Put a finishing touch

Maybe the lines are covered with eyeshadows or anything, it’s time to re-line and refine your drawing! Go ahead, be a perfectionist!

Done, color is treated with Photoshop to adjust to real drawing color

Done, color is treated with Photoshop to adjust to real drawing color


TADAAA! I know it’s still far from perfect, but I hope you learn a thing or two from me. Oh and to further emphasize the importance of being a perfectionist in drawing: you’ll take a long time fixing lines and thinking about colors and stuff, so it’s best you do it while you’re faaaaaaaaar away from the crowd. Seriously, do it far away. Your face will look super weird when you ponder about lines and colors.




-The Dilly Chic-