Thoughts on Buying Preloved Luxury

This was the most debatable topic of the year 2015 for my mother and I. Each time I brought up this topic (or bought a secondhand item) my mother’s eyes and mouth go “WHAT?! ABSOLUTE NO! WHAT ARE YOU EVEN THINKING #$@#$^!^@%^!!!!!”. Okay, she’s old school and she likes her stuff new and shiny. I get it. Me? I’m old school and I don’t care where I get my stuff.

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To buy or not to buy?


The heated discussion first arises when I bought a preloved A&F denim shorts and a local handmade super awesome cowhide bag. I bought the A&F shorts for about $5 (or IDR 70000) and the super awesome cowhide bag for about $25 (IDR 320000). That felt super awesome because both things look super awesome when they arrive, and of course I dry cleaned them first at the nearest launderette. It felt like a super steal and super bargain. My mom agreed to disagree, though.

Yeah okay, maybe Abercrombie&Fitch and a local leather bag isn’t exactly luxury. You can start pitying me (you can ask me for my PayPal email if you’re willing to transfer some money for me). That’s fine and all. BUT! When I told my mom that I’m gonna save so that one day I could get an Hermes scarf from Reebonz, she went like, “YOU’D BETTER NOT BUY A GODDAMN SCARF SECONDHAND, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT KIND OF SHIT EXISTS IN PEOPLE’S SCARVES!” (okay my mom didn’t use any curse word, they’re just for dramatic effects).

I hope you get what I mean. I’m kind of addicted to buying secondhand stuff as long as they’re in pristine condition, and so are some of my friends. But my mom and a lot of my other friends swear off buying stuff other people already used. They made a lot of sense, actually. But I still think laundry and dry cleaning your stuff basically made them new, right? So what’s the big deal? I mean, I wouldn’t buy an LV bag with a hole in the middle even if it’s 1/100 of its original price.


What do you think on preloved luxury and secondhand stuff in general? Big steal or big pile of bullcrap?




-The Dilly Chic-

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