You Like to Chill?

We all ought to find the perfect comfort shoes for… almost every event in the world. Casual hang out with girlfriends? Comfort shoes on. Grocery shopping? Comfort shoes definitely. Run to the drugstore for cold medicine? Absolutely comfort shoes.

And with the trend going wild nowadays, the demand for comfort shoes doesn’t stop only when you don’t give a rat’s butt about your appearance. The casual style and the mix-everything-in-your-wardrobe-that-you-can-think-of style is demanding that we pair our outfit with the perfect comfort shoes! This is a revolution. Just ten years ago, you would be exiled from society just because you’re wearing your beaded dress with sneakers or Birkenstocks.

So, here are my staple chilling shoes at the moment:

Super Comfortable Shoes


1. Birkenstock

It is back as the staple comfort shoes (sandals actually). Sorry to bring the news to you. There are hundreds of thousands of shoe brands imitating the Birkie. I’ve tried about 2 local Indonesian brands that imitate the Birks, but none come close (one brand that did better was probably some Chinese imitation of the Birk, but the sole was awfully slippery. It cost me around US$3). Conclusion: if you can get your hands on some Birks, then get your hands on the Birks. I got mine from But offer a wide array of Birks you get to choose from and they’re offering a 25% off for ALL shoes there. Check them out here.

Birkies!! I ultimately hoped that I would be able to get one in black! Black Arizona from


2. Espadrilles

They’re perfect when you’re too lazy to put on an actual shoe in situations where shoes are the only options (for me it’s the laboratory sessions where we have to saw and grind things and stuff). This is where espadrilles and loafers kick in. But no, no slip-ons because they look far too casual and they provide little support. My espadrilles is from Soludos and I love them! I must admit they hurt if you use it to walk for 5 hours at the mall or equivalent. Most espadrilles that I know don’t have very good sole support, so use ’em at your own discretion. I got my Soludos, again, from


Canvas Soludos Espadrilles

The original canvas Dali in peach from <3


3. Padded Flats

We are all well aware that ballerina flats do absolutely nothing to our feet except for covering the toes and heels and adding a maximum level of 5 to the cuteness of our tiny feet. That being said, ballerina flats are some of the worst guilty pleasure that I’ve had over the years. That’s why I was thrilled, THRILLED, when I came across my next favorite pair of comfy shoes: the padded flats!! I avoided the term flatform because it usually refers to the fugly flats with awkward enormous platform beneath that serves no purpose, either aesthetically or comfortably. The flats that I have were purchased from the marketplace in Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 (unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the brand). But if I have to look for an equivalent, it’s perhaps the Sanuk shoes. They also provide the padded flats without sacrificing cuteness. Go for ’em.

Sanuk Mika Flats

Cute Sanuk flats. The padded sole will provide support for your cute foot arches!


Conclusion: have at least two easy slip comfort shoes that really fit you. You won’t regret a penny for it. (Homework: compare your satisfaction after buying a $100 or less comfort shoes and after buying a $100 or less 12-inch red hot stilettos after 2 months). After doing the homework, you will find that comfort shoes/ sandals are investments for a reason.




-The Dilly Chic-

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