We’re lost in the woods, I get it. We’re entrapped within the very boundaries of what’s right and what we think is right, I get it. Boyfriend high on pills and abusive? Totally get it (not really, sorry).

Art gives everyone the promise of escaping, eluding the dreadful dramatory (short for drama purgatory) that is life. Your best friend backstabbed you? You paint. Your lover dissed you for that ho with the visible thong? You make crafts to sell on Etsy. Your achievement escaped you? You write about the newest Alexander Wang >< H&M collab.

My Sad Bitch - watermarked

Point is, the only one thing that comforts your soul better than the chocolate chip mint ice cream is art. All form of art. All kinds of contexts of art. Be it personal, commercial, or whatever, you know one thing: you found your dramatic venture through creativity.


And don’t you say no.




-The Dilly Chic-

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