Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 Review (finally!)

The exhausting long await of Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 review is finally here!

First of all, though, a sincere apology from me. There’s no excuse for staying down for so long. It’s the usual catch-and-release game with life, as you might have known it. There has never been an intention to drop and forgo this blog completely, no worries. It’s just that in this game, you have to constantly reorder your priorities and unfortunately, this blog is one of the many casualties.

ANYWAY, the review!


The Marketplace & the Heavenly Ambiance

Indonesia Fashion Week is relentless in terms of trying to present the best Indonesian creatives from all over the country. As always, the fashion shows and the fashion marketplace goes side by side. The most charming thing is the fact that tenants from all kinds of background stand one next to the other; the boutiques, the newcomers, the household name, the divine creative, the unique concepts, and all other kinds of fashion creatures. That way the visitors were able to immerse in the heavenly atmosphere of the market without worrying too much about the tenants’s backgrounds (which of course, means the price of the stuff).

Indonesia Fashion Week EntranceThe Mannequin Showcase at the Entrance

A lovely bomber jacket, AND a snippet of the marketplace

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 Talkshow
The talkshow with ZALORA Indonesia

Indonesia Fashion Week Photo Exhibition
The stylish photo gallery

Opening Ceremony - IFW 2014The festive opening ceremony in which I was unable to attend. Yay!

IFW 2014 JewelryThe fascinating unique jewelry by Tree Craft Diary

Tree Craft Diary IFW 2014
Uniqueness overload

IFW 2014 Kulkith ShoesThe fashionable orderly  shoes arrangement by Kulkith Shoes

IFW ShowcaseEven the travel bags look real eye-poppin

IFW Wanni BagsBloody cute bags

Indonesia Fashion Week Wanni
Bags by Wanni

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 ExhibitionThe clothes, the brain-poppin clothes

Note: I even chatted with a kind lady who just held a fashion show just hours before I came as I was staring at her beautifully hand-stitched sweaters. Kudos to Miss Nuniek Mawardi for being such a delightful person.

Nuniek Mawardi EmbroideryEmbroidery Work by Nuniek Mawardi


The Runway Shows

What would a fashion week be without runways? IFW 2014 completed the arrangement of fashion overload with series of runway shows featuring household name Indonesian designers, brilliant newcomers, and collective designers fashion show parades. Featured here are the best I could gather so far. Of course, plenty more are more or equally amazing, but I tried my darnedest to pick out the winners.

Disclaimer: A lot of photos are taken from Indonesia Fashion Week’s official website unless not stated since I couldn’t get a good angle and my camera died halfway of day 3 (plus I only came for two days instead of the intended four full days)

Ali Charisma 1Ali Charisma (photo taken from IFW’s official website)

Anne AvantieAnne Avantie

Dini Pratiwi Irawati 1

Dini Pratiwi Irawati 2Dini Pratiwi Irawati (photos taken from IFW’s official website)

Gabriel Lage 1

Gabriel Lage 2Argentinian designer Gabriel Lage (photos taken from IFW’s official website)

Mardiana Ika Butoni 1

Mardiana Ika Butoni 2Mardiana Ika Butoni (photos taken from IFW’s official website)

Neti Lesmana 1

Neti Lesmana 2Neti Lesmana (my own stock, see the awkward angle I was talking about?)

Priyo Oktaviano Featuring Ducati Indonesia 3

Priyo Oktaviano Featuring Ducati Indonesia 2Priyo Oktaviano featuring Ducati Indonesia (my utmost favorite from them all)

Veronika VidyanitaVeronika Vidyanita (photo taken from IFW official website)

Votum 1

Votum 2Votum by Sebastian Gunawan (photos taken from IFW’s official website)

That about wraps everything up. Surely coming there was a hell of a nice break from reality. It was amazing, majesty, and magnificent. It delivered what it claimed in the tagline, “the biggest fashion movement”. I can’t argue with it.




-The Dilly Chic-

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    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    I was reading earlier about the Indonesian Fashion Week somewhere and now at your blog and man! I love what I see. From what I see, I think the Indonesians are a talented bunch and the dresses are to die for. It’s really great fashion. I specially like the Gabriel Lage silver bejeweled dress. It’s beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing this with your readers.

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