Some Kind of Obsession and What It Has to do with Personal Style

There’s something about dark and vintage¬†noir¬†that draws a character in. No, I am not at all trying to be exquisite or tasteful all so sudden, but I do realize that lately, my personal taste when it comes to choosing pieces of clothing and such have been affected widely by my visual taste in things remotely relevant to my personal style. And as I mature (ehem, no) I realize that this is happening to everyone as well.

Take, for example, meine Mutter. My mom watches lots of infotainment (like E! News, but in Indonesian and worse if I may say bluntly) to kill time, so her taste of clothing is affected by the celebs she saw. Or take my Korean crazed friend, she is wow, I mean wow does she wear a lot of ribbons and blings (a bad example perhaps, I can assure you not all Korean fans are so).


Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier


And for some reasons I have this theory that the more one person digests the information and imagery of the world around them, the more finely matured their personal style would also be. I have this one friend who catches up on almost every designer info she could get, and she’s one of the best dressed person I’ve ever seen. So the point is this:

One has to be obsessed and one has to properly digest.


Dior Glamour - Mark Shaw


Even if you’re obsessed with, say, dracula and vampire stuff and all that comes with it (minus werewolves, they’re bare), you will still sharpen your personal style if you carefully digest what comes with your obsession and implement it to your choice of clothing.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The Kate Moss Book

A page from “Kate: The Kate Moss Book” in which Mario Testino claimed that Kate was “loose with her body”.


But do be reminded, though, that “individuality does not mean eccentricity“, said Christian Dior in his 1954 book ‘The Little Dictionary of Fashion’. I think he could not have said it better, because nowadays people are trying way too hard to be different, especially the hip kids in the big city (or you maybe), and they fail to realize what works and what doesn’t. It is fine to be yourself in the bluntest of terms, but keep in mind to always digest carefully, and implement selectively.

Those are my inspirations and thoughts. What about your side of the coin?




-The Dilly Chic-

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  1. Good post! I love the pics and I agree you produce what you see as far as fashion. I read that the amount of years you have been alive is the percentage of you opinions and in this case style is actually yours. Example if your 25 than 25% of your style would be yours and the rest is based off of what you see!

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