Revisiting the Myth of Beautiful and Successful Women

History, from any era and philosophical age has agreed to the existence of beautiful women. Recall Helen of Troy who caused men to flip over and wage war against one another? She, too, after all, was part of a myth widely hailed as a tradition for the good old Greek. So we’re forced to agree that beautiful women are the only ones who are able to subdue strong men, even the strongest of them. History rarely mentions the beautiful paired with the wisest, or the smartest, only the bravest and strongest (and nowadays, with the richest).

Grace Kelly, the most widely talked about performer of her era

Grace Kelly, the most widely talked about performer of her era


So, what does history teach us women? That in order to be able to subdue men (the strongest, bravest, etc) we HAVE TO be beautiful. We have to polish ourselves within and out, reform our feminine manners and ethics, and be as humble and seductive as we can. A question you might ask then, is “Then what happened to strong women, the brave women, the ones who charged through life with or without the presence of men on their sides?”

The answer is this: I don’t know.

Well, at least I’m not so sure about the answer. I’ve always respected those women, I’ve always envied them. After all, everything we read was probably taken from surface experiences -the experiences that were extreme or out of context for the ordinary folks, the ones that are worth mentioning-. The stories, and histories, often forget to mention the emotional and mentally unstable state of the heroes, which I’m sure happens A LOT. Like, A LOT.

The things I’ve always thought were missing from most successful (and beautiful, of course) women stories are:
– Her emotional state of mind along the way
– Her denial of where and who she was on the beginning
– How she faced the mental burden and social ordeal for being who she was
– The man she picked out to be on her side (and the men she strayed far from)
– Most importantly, the friends she chose (and the friends she strayed far from)
– The plastic, unbreathable mask she had to convey to push the indecent (and imbecile) ones away

Interesting people

Because I’m sure the most interesting and well-respected women are not inside the circle

Okay, maybe she’s not as emotionally and mentally unstable as we imagine her to be. Maybe she just loved what she’s doing too much that all the suffering didn’t matter a pinch for her. She’s a happy little pony doing what she loved and she never thought one bit about the philosophical and challenging life questions. She had perseverance and patience, that’s for sure. But then again, does that mean that she’s just in luck? Does that mean that she actually didn’t think much about all the other life questions -you know, questions like “how can I have a meaningful life?”, or “what can I do to end world suffering?”, and such…-. Or did she?

Among all the ridiculous arguments I have floating in my head, I know for sure, that the ones who experienced most pain, are the ones who deserved the most love, and respect of course. A beautiful woman is dandy to the eyes, but when proven that she had skipped life’s unendurable obstacles and questions, the trained eyes and brains would quickly shift their attention to another… another beautiful woman. That is why, I would suggest myself to not hide away from the philosophical and psychological hinders along the way, in order to be the woman I’ve always hoped to be, one who does not need to perform a charade in front of others, and one who does not rely on her weakness (often mistaken as cuteness by the opposite gender) to rampage through life.

But why? Why do I need to be that kind of women? Because that’s my kind of women, and as lonely as the paved road may be, I find that path emotionally and intellectually satisfying. For the moment, at least.

Now I just have to figure out how to be beautiful first.




-The Dilly Chic-

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3 Thoughts.

  1. Interesting post. Society makes life hard for women. No doubt about that. How individual women choose to navigate through that swamp is of particular fascination to me. There’s no right way, only choices with consequences.

  2. This post brings up so much…. why is beauty given so much importance? And as you pointed out… since historic times… so is it any surprise that emphasis on beauty has permeated to our very DNA as women. Not everyone, man or woman is able to see beyond that even now.

    But you know what Nadya, maybe the portraits of women in history were really linear, and not covered in depth. But what strikes me is, history maybe changing now. Look at us bloggers, we put our successes and tribulations all out in the open. Most of us don’t pretend to be perfect. Look at celebrities with their twitter accounts… it is not so linear anymore 🙂

    And BTW Happy New Year to you!! I am hoping to catch up on your blog in 2014!


    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  3. Absolutely superb post! It best describes what I’ve been dealing with lately; looking at at society and the consequences of straying from the outlined paths prescribed t women.
    Thank you for the wonderful insight! I too prefer to follow a path more fulfilling. 😉

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