Nina Ricci: Feminine French Fashion

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Nina Ricci, the French fashion house, provides women with some of  the best in ladylike gowns, ultra feminine clothing and sensual perfumes. Offering collections that are full of lace, flowy fabrics and unique lines, Nina Ricci has become the  go-to brand for those looking for Parisian chic styles. Come in to Nina Ricci 39 avenue Montaigne Paris to get your hands on the elegance and beauty of the timeless French collections.


Maria “Nina” Ricci

In 1883, Maria Nielli was born in Turin, Italy. By age 12, her family moved her to France and had adorned her with the nickname “Nina”. Ricci’s love of fashion design began as a teenager, when she started an internship with a dressmaker. She married the Italian jeweler Luigi Ricci In 1905 and in 1908 began working at the house of Raffin as a designer.

It was not until 1932 when Ricci decided to finally create her own line of fashions. She teamed up with her son, Robert Ricci, and quickly found success. Nina Ricci’s designs became famous for the romantic styles and feminine shape infused into all her collections.


The house

Originally ran by Nina Ricci and her son, Robert, the Nina Ricci fashion house has a long history of creating exceptionally beautiful clothing and delicious perfumes. Today, the current head of the company, Oliver Theyskens, continues to design breathtaking collections that stay true to the brand’s graceful, feminine looks.

Although the brand found almost immediate success when it began, around 1945 women were not as interested in high-fashion couture as they had been before the war. The Nina Ricci fashion house  changed everything when Robert Ricci organized a fashion event that took the world by storm. Over 150 mannequins, dressed in fine French designs were put on display at the Louvre, in Paris. The event was a huge success and traveled across Europe and to America, reigniting the world’s love for fine fashions.



The House of Ricci offers a number of exquisite perfumes that are both luxurious and feminine. It began in 1948 with the release of “L’Air du Temps”, an enticing perfume created by Marc Lalique and Robert Ricci.  Perhaps the most famous of the Ricci perfumes, the elegant scent paved the way for other masterpieces such as “Capricci”, “Fleur de Fleurs” and “Love in Paris”

Today, the Nina Ricci fashion house provides ready to wear clothing, gowns, accessories and perfumes to discerning shoppers all around the world. Practically every red carter has Nina Ricci on it. The elegant dresses are frequently seen on celebrities such as Blake Lively, Reese Witherspoon, Victoria Beckham and Anne Hathaway. Shop Nina Ricci today to add the timeless beauty of the collections to your closet.


Article written by: Maria Kruk

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