What Do You Splurge On?

We all heard the saying that impulsive shopping is a bad habit and all. But we all have varying parameters on what we love (and have to!) splurge on and what we buy strictly on slashed price. For example, some people splurge on sports car while going cheap on undergarments, while some others go dirt cheap on clothing and splurge on face creams. No, please don’t blame them and be all self righteous first. We’re human and priorities were set in stone for some of us. A real life proof would be my friend’s mother who was very (VERY) strict on what she slathers on her face, despite being behind on her insurance payments. In her defense, her skin is glowing like a newborn baby’s pink buttocks.

Nail Polish Illustration

We human are complicated little shits indeed. We (read: I) took hours researching the best face creams and lotions while we have millions of other things that are obviously more important to do, such as writing for the blog and working on deadline and all. Ahem. Anyways, I found that I’m actually perfectly normal after finding out that I have some friends who would read every label on every food before they eat it, but eat at McDonalds (and similar health food chains) once a week. Classic.

Bottom line: we have different freakish obsessions toward different things, and we end up splurging mindlessly on some of those things. Confession: my biggest mindless splurge would be makeups (DUH!), drawing tools, and books. YES PEOPLE, WOMEN WHO DO MAKEUP CAN BE IN LOVE WITH BOOKS TOO YOU KNOW, GET OVER IT.

What’s your splurging guilty pleasure? Don’t tell me you ain’t got one cos I know you be lyin’!


-The Dilly Chic-

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6 Thoughts.

  1. I agree. We are all driven by powerful forces and in varying ways. Nothing wrong with that.

    My guilty pleasures are imagining life as a woman, eating potato chips, and riding way too fast on a motorcycle.

    • LOL I love your take on life. People can be so self righteous and judgmental about other people’s decisions it’s kind of sickening. Potato chips and cigarette in front of TV is a whole new kind of heaven, man

  2. Such a cool post Nadya… ! Your sarcastic humor made me laugh so much.. And well… my guilty pleasure is now becoming lipsticks… and as for books… I have so many in my wishlist… I just need a good way to store them… and I would splurge on all of them 🙂 So beauty with brains does happen lol

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

    • TOTALLY! I hate this nonsense stereotype that women who crave on beauty products are big ass dumbos. Frankly put, there are dumb women and there are smart ones, too. And it’s not in any way related to mascaras.
      By the way, I have so many books in my list too! I do have space, but just like the classic stories in a children’s book, I have yet to attain enough capital to free them from the bookstores’ shelves. Pfffttt

  3. Honestly, I fit it perfectly. But even with my way of being, my mania, I used to judge other’s foibles. My mistake! Likewise I want respect, I must respect! And the human being is not perfect, it is exactly our excesses, our imperfections that makes us more attractive! Now somebody know where I can buy more white shirts?! hahaha

    How amazing is to find a blogger like you! :*

    • I used to do that as well! I simply couldn’t understand how some people’s priorities are so mixed up. But looking into my own obsession for books with interesting covers, it hit me.

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