VOGUE: The Brutal Truth Issue

Disclaimer: this is obviously not an actual Vogue issue. I am in no way closely affiliated with Conde Nast except that I’m an occasional reader who can only dream of looking like one of their vigorously photoshopped girls. This is more of an imaginary issue I’ve always had in my mind that would be perfectly suitable for Vogue (I chose Vogue because 1). I’m biased, and 2). I know what font Vogue uses for its cover). Because, y’know, magazines like to spark some brilliantly concocted delusions upon us all, not in a bad way though.

Imaginary Vogue Issue


I came up with this from a random passing thought obtained during one of those sleepless nights.

“What if magazines actually tell the truth? What if people are told the cold hard truth they’ve been avoiding their whole life? What would their reaction be? Will they still be blindly buying and cult following those mags?”

You know, the usual thoughts emitting from a 20 year old engineering student.


So to answer my questions… Wait, I actually am not hoping my questions would be answered because: 1) I already knew the answers, 2) I don’t like the answers, and 3) It won’t happen anyway. Even though magazines like to give out real life tips and all, I doubt they’ll do something massive like telling people the actual secrets of life. The cold bubble of truth. Besides, we all know truth is like a double-edge sword. Truth hurts those unequipped with the proper armor.

After all, how biased is the statement “One Direction sucks!”? I mean come on, such statement only comes from people who have had a taste of real music in life. And the fact that some people love to buy things because “they’ve seen them in some magazines“? They don’t understand the process of discovering their personal styles. Therefore, they don’t like to be attacked with the truth, because if they know, GOSH, they might have to try figuring it out (which is a bummer, because they’d rather research which hot male actors are gay).

Which one do you prefer? Magazines telling the truth or selling delusions?




-The Dilly Chic-

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2 Thoughts.

  1. Wow this was a good idea! Sheer genius! I really liked it! And you know what… I have another one to add though.. if it hasn’t already been done…. why don’t you illustrate a humor version of any magazine that you like, each month. That has got to be a fun section and might just get you noticed somewhere big for being original…! 🙂

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

    • THAT’S ACTUALLY A TERRIFIC IDEA! I might just do it for fun, though. It’s a great extra to my flat hectic life lol.

      As obsessed as I am to the glamour and front page of fashion, I am glad to say I’m not blinded enough to forgo the truth. I know how harsh it is, I know there are more image and delusion in fashion rather than reality. I kind of just want to show people how it really is. I’m no expert or something, but it’s something that quite bothers me, unfortunately 🙁

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