The Addition of Oddities Make it Even, in Fashion

I assumed you’ve heard enough hormone ramblings and insecurities from the previous post. I’ll tell you right now that I have no intention of continuing the embarrassment, and rather show you how the philosophy can also apply in our lovely world of fashion.

House of Holland Resort 2014 Collection

House of Holland Resort 2014


Back in the day, we were told that pattern mixed with more pattern was a no no. A big, fat no no. Today, I would confidently say that mixing patterns would only make you look more confident, bold, over the line. Just please have a little conscience within yourself to know which patterns look good together and which do not, okay? (pleaaaaase)

Jonathan Saunders Collection

Jonathan Saunders Resort 2014


Altuzarra Collection

Altuzarra Resort 2014


Diane von Furstenberg Collection

Diane von Furstenberg Fall / Winter 2013


Issey Miyake Menswear Collection

Issey Miyake Spring 2014 Menswear


The evidences above show that indeed, the addition of oddities make it even. Which, in this case, is shown by mixing prints with more prints. If you know what you’re doing, if you know a little about fabrics and patterns, you’ll definitely know how to turn different prints into one synchronized harmony. Yes people, the days of only mixing plaid with khaki is far behind us. People know better now. People know better because they experiment. They try out different things to find one combination that works just right.

Just remember to keep experimenting. This applies to both personal style and life. *wink*




-The Dilly Chic-

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8 Thoughts.

  1. I absolutely love the direction that fashion is headed in right now. I agree, pattern on pattern would cause a sore eye in the past. Now, it’s every street photographer’s dream to find a vibrant splash of colors and textures. I don’t think any conventional rules about pattern mixing exist anymore, and if they do, I’ve completely chucked them right out the window. I say, the funkier, the better. It may be borderline cartoonish, but never before has fashion been so much FUN!! GREAT post.


    • I agree! It’s really exciting and also eyebrow-raising the trends that come and go. We used to have so many rules when it comes to personal style (remember the day when denim top and denim pants were considered to be the mistake of the century?). But now many fashionistas constantly break those rules every now and then, and voila! Comes a new set of style, new trends, and along with it, new rules. Would love to see where the neverending cycle goes 😀

    • I just googled about them as you mentioned it. Gorgeous collection! Yeah the thing with ripping smaller brands is that usually most of the plagiarisms go unnoticed. A shame, really…

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