Will You Buy This BEAUTIFUL Bag for a Cheap Price of $32,000?


I’m not naive or a newbie in terms of pricey stuff. I know handbags that cost $1.5million, made of diamonds and golds and platinums and tralala…

BUT THIS BAG. Well, it is a “pre-owned” bag. No wonder it’s pricey, right? OH WAIT! It’s a “pre-owned” Hermes bag. So can you quadruple the digits in your head?


vintage hermes


This kind of stuff struck the overthinker inside me. Even if I’m a big, BIG time socialite, would I really spend my $32k for a handbag that was already touched and perhaps licked by someone else before? People in the so called fashion world twist the facts and call this luxury or vintage, but honestly??! It’s the price of a freaking car! Or a down payment of a nice countryside house!

This is really where the so called “high fashion” confuses me. People throwing priorities out of the window and losing logic and all (do I need to mention poverty issues here?).

Okay I’m out.

WAIT BEFORE I’M OUT, what do you have to say about this? If you have $1M in your account would you buy this piece of shit beauty?




-The Dilly Chic-

Side note: I found the bag through my friend who works for Reebonz Singapore. I have no issues against the site (in fact I love Reebonz!), but I do have quite of an issue with a car-priced handbag.

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11 Thoughts.

  1. High-priced luxury items are meant for people who have so much money that price is irrelevant. There are such people. The rest of us scratch our heads and wonder about overpaying, but that’s not their concern. I once blogged about a scarf that cost $1,000 and nobody could believe that price — but someone bought it.

    • Yes, I definitely know about those kind of “people”. Sometimes I do wonder though what they do for a living. What confuses me, really, is the fact that those people who buy this kind of bag actually CHOOSES to throw their money around for a bag. Sport cars and private jets seem to make much more sense, unless they already have 10 of each of them, of course…

  2. Wow,this bag is sooo amazing.*__*
    I really like your blog.
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  3. When I think about high price items.. I always think of one thing Nadya…. It all boils down to where you are in money pyramid.

    In my country… there are people (extremely poor)who make maybe less than Rs 2000 a month. Approx $35. When I go out and eat with some friends… in one restaurant the very same $35 goes down the drain. Or you can imagine me spending that on a blouse too or a second hand iPhone 5( that I somehow found so so so cheap.. almost like a crazy bargain)

    So, I am an insane over-spending b**ch to an extremely poor person, very similar to how I see the over-spending B**ch who would buy this bag.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  4. This is borderline ridiculous…wait no, not even borderline…ITS INSANE!! how on earth can anyone afford such a thing, I always think twice over spending even a dollar, but I’m just biased because I’m tight on money. I dont understand how people can spend that much on a piece of material? like what? sorry I couldnt even hear you over the bags of money you’re throwing out the window.
    It actually makes me MAD that something could cost this much. These people should spend their money on something worthwhile xxx

    • I’m sorry the captcha can be quite faulty sometimes! I experience similar things when I try commenting on other people sites’ too.

      HAHAHAH yes dear I can definitely feel your anguish there! At first I thought exactly the same, why would I buy a freakin bag when I can buy a nice car for the same price?? But just like Swati above said, the kind of people who buy these stuff are the kind of people who don’t make comparison and don’t need to think twice before purchasing things, unlike the rest of us.

      That’s why if they see something they like, perhaps something they’ve been aiming for a long time, they won’t hesitate to buy it even with the outrageous price tag attached. Sad but true.

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