Tribute to Martin Margiela 4 – Martin’s Mystery Departure

Have you been following the previous posts? Just to recap some stuff, because I know you’d forget and because I care about you.

First part: the intro to Martin Margiela

Second: his early works, his actualization on the concept of anonymity, stores

Third: the evolution of the Maison Martin Margiela, up until the point of Martin’s departure from his own fashion house

the unbroken - watermarked

just showing off my work, sorry

AND NOW.. ba dum tsk! Let’s talk about his sudden and mysterious quit from HIS OWN brand. I bet you’re all pretty curious about this (No? I don’t care, I’ll still tell you anyway).

In the previous series I wrote that Martin had not been involved in the designs of the Maison’s collection for quite a long time (in a publication dated October 2009). THEN, on December 2009, came a statement from the company that Martin had left the industry.

WHAT? How? He was the founder! He even had his name carved on the signs of the brand! He IS the brand, isn’t he?

Well apparently, no he’s not.

I took a personal conclusion of all this, that the brand just HAPPENED to contain his name in it. He himself often told his design team that they are “more Margiela than him”, meaning that the designs and the creations created the Maison Martin Margiela that it is today, and not the sheer image of one person.

The big question here is of course the WHY. Why would he quit from the label he hardly built in the first place? Quoting from Wikipedia:


In October, 2009, Margiela majority stakeholder Renzo Rosso finally made public: “Martin has not been there for a long time. He is here but not here. We have a new fresh design team on board. We are focusing on young, realistic energy for the future; this is really Margiela for the year 2015.”

A press release announced in December, that Margiela “has left the business. No replacement creative director will be appointed. Maison Martin Margiela will continue trading but the company declined to comment on the reasons for Margiela’s exit.”


no comment image

funny how the company just “declined to comment”, right?


I believe what he said about the new fresh design team on board. I mean, look at Margiela know, it’s not in any way less fancy than what it was before, right? BUT IT DOES THOUGH, become less discreet. The shows are more out in the open, the ads, the collaboration with the megastore, the facebook fanpage, the twitter, etc etc. It’s definitely something that would not happen if Martin himself was still the head of the brand.

If Martin is still creative director, that means MMM would not be as “out” as it is today, right? So let me conclude this:


Not out = Not famous

Not famous = Not profitable (according to the management team of today’s MMM, anyway)

Not profitable = Stakeholders sad


OH SO THAT’S WHY! The company “declined to comment” because they PERHAPS refuse to disclose the fact that Martin Margiela probably doesn’t give s*** about the money that goes in to the big shots’ pocket. They also PERHAPS refuse to disclose the fact that Martin just wants to concentrate on his work while they simply want to concentrate on reeling money in.

But who knows, right? After all he is Mr. Mystery Man. Maybe someday when I make enough money I’ll head to Belgium and question Mr. Margiela himself. Well, someday.

That’s it for the series of tribute, folks! I know there’s a long time between tribute 1,2,3 to tribute 4, and once again I’m sorry for this. Hope you enjoyed the series!




-The Dilly Chic-

P.S: If you’re curious as to what he’s been up to now, I’ve read somewhere that he now focuses on paintings, whether that is a mere flat joke or not.

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