Social Medias for Blogs… Explained

We bloggers have social media accounts everywhere. It’s normal. But what do we really put in our accounts for each social media sites out there? SIDE NOTE: you know it’s wrong to post multiple updates about the fashion show you went to in Facebook, right?

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My favorite! I can put links, photos, medias, and useless updates! Heck. Please treat your Facebook page the right way, especially if you’re representing your blog. Post interesting and useful stuff that is not only tailored to your own taste, but also to your readers as well. This is kind of a self reciprocated advice, because hey, I love posting photos and illustrations I find breathtaking.



The only place appropriate to b**** and talk about someone else’s privacy openly because hey, you’re not mentioning that person, aren’t you?  Please don’t do this, even if it’s your personal account. You should talk about your bad day to a close friend (or bunch of friends if you’re really into it), not Twitter. You never know who’s reading. And besides, if you post interesting news, positivitweets, some breathtaking outfits and photos, people respond to them much better. So please do so.



AAAHHH, Instagram! IN-STA-GRAM! If you’re a personal style blogger, chances are you’re torn between posting on your blog or on your Instagram account. And besides, we really want the whole world to see us or to see the way we see things. It’s so interesting! And besides, people love seeing you and the stuff you eat. Right?


Or maybe only your friends love you in your new skirt. Maybe only your friends love the stuff you eat. It’s different for everyone. I rarely see one person with two Instagram accounts, so once again, if you’re posting on behalf of your blog, you have to know the kind of photos that only your friends love and the ones that your general readers love. Diversity is also key.



You can never do wrong with Pinterest, do anything. Don’t forget to pin some images from your own blog/ tumblr every once in a while and don’t pin nudity. Just don’t.


Another two that I love (not exactly social media sites but I love them!) :


A shop! Who doesn’t love shops??! I personally love browsing through the Etsy shops, and hey! The Dilly Chic has its own Etsy shop in case you’re curious. Once again, you can’t really do harm browsing through shops. Just don’t forget to love a lot because yes, your appreciations really mean a lot to the shop owners (speaking on behalf of myself).

Now if only they can lower the shipping price to my country…



It’s basically an online portfolio site that artists of all genres use to showcase their work online. I made an account there because my friend told me to do so in 10 lines (all caps letters) in Facebook chat, so you know how important it must be. Being an aspiring illustrator myself I find it to be a mega thriving place to find inspirations. Even if you’re not an artist yourself, I can assure you’ll find interesting stuff there without all the cats and recipes and cupcakes.


There you go! A very rough guide to everything I hate  we love about social media sites! Now, which one is your favorite and how do you post in your accounts?




-The Dilly Chic-

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3 Thoughts.

  1. I agree with everything you said on all of the social media accounts but especially twitter- I despise seeing someone bitching/indirecting (urrggg I hate indirecting) about other people. Nothing worse. It has to be said that occasionally I’ll moan about my bad day because I don’t really have anyone else that I want to burden with all the negativity but I try to keep that to a minimum.

    To answer your final question, instagram is my favourite. I love seeing what people eat (most people hate this and I understand that but I find it a great source of inspiration for my next meal)and seeing snippets of outfits that they didn’t include in their blog post(s). I’m also partial to going ‘ohhh what is that? Jealous!!’ when people post pictures of their expensively wrapped purchases, I really love those pictures.

    I used to only use instagram to advertise my blog and new blog posts but that felt really boring so now I post whatever I like (well not really but you get what I mean) and use it more of a friend-posting-to-friends basis because I find that more enjoyable.

    Social media can be a pain in the butt, takes loads of your time and can be quite a tricky subject but in the end, I love it and always will do.

    • HAHAHA! Love what you said about bitchtweeting! Perhaps the only people who care about their bitching are people alike that person. The ones who have the slightest sense of logic and twittiquette will be irritated, I assume.

      I have to admit that I do enjoy watching a heated argument on Twitter, especially the ones conducted by people I know, LOL.

      YES, SOCIAL MEDIA REALLY IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT! And if you’re representing yourself and your blog at the same time, you really have to know the lines to NOT cross and keeping a balance between personal and public. Posting what your readers would love without selling out is also a tricky part. Social medias really are some tough cookies to crack.

  2. Nice post Nadya.. !! I agree that we bloggers have to realize that across social media platforms… we are representing our blog… so be careful. I miss pinterest though that reminds me.

    But seems you are doing a disappearance act on your blog. Miss your posts darling! Hope your studies will free you soon.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

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