The Dilly Chic is now on… Etsy!

As you know I’ve been doing my illustrations for quite a while now, and wanting to turn this hobby (passion, runaway, what-I-do-when-I’m-bored thing) into a living. YES PEOPLE A LIVING! Who knows a blogger actually needs to make a living, right??!

That said, a living means I need money to live. And to earn money, I decide to do the simplest, yet toughest thing of them all which is opening up a shop! Except it’s online (it’s Etsy!) and it’s not that tough, of course.

My Etsy!!

My Etsy!!

Here’s the link to my Etsy shop:

What do I sell in my Etsy shop? None other than my illustrations, of course! I have a long way to go to be a professional, and all your support (in whatever form, even if you don’t buy anything) is very very much appreciated!

Would love to hear some feedback guys!

P.S: I’m sorry for the overhype, it’s a newbie thing




-The Dilly Chic-

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