LFW Madness: Did You See the Crazy Headpieces?

I know, I know, LFW has passed a few weeks ago. But I can’t help but feel that London was bringing crazy in again, with some nudity, freak show, craaaazy headpieces, and more-than-abstract prints. Actually I’m not the only one who thinks so. This post is a part of my collaboration with The Creative Bent. She’s a very lovely Indian blogger by the name of Swati Ailawadi. At first I proposed a collaboration in hope of enhancing my experience as a blogger, but turned out I gained a great friend as well! Her blog at The Creative Bent is fairly new, around 2 months or so, but with the level of expertise she presents(both in graphic and writing) you wouldn’t believe she’s rather a newcomer in the industry. So, with numerous brainstorming and research, she decided to do the mad prints, and I chose to cover the crazy headpieces. (we’re not going to showcase the nudity, right?)


floral headpiece

Headpiece illustration inspired by designers such as Louise Gray, Eudon Choi, PPQ, and Bora Aksu


I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with designers using headpieces/ statement pieces on the runway. Unless they’re also accessories designer, putting on a massive headgear completely distracts us from the main theme, which is the clothes. I’ve seen designers like Martin Margiela pulling it off with Swarovski embedded face masks. Also Vivienne Westwood with her statement head accessories. But I’m honestly a fan of simplistic, straight edge designs. If the clothes are not good, then the collection just ain’t good, brotha. No crazy floral heads are gonna change that.

BUT! The headpieces at the LFW were just love, love, and lovely! (at least according to me). Eudon Choi really pulled it off with the floral arrangements, and Louise Gray just got even madder with toiletry and garbagery (trashbag plastic as headpieces, really? LOVE IT!). There’s also KTZ with the crazy horns and pointy masks. Fyodor Golan also brought a surprise with only one statement headpiece throughout the whole show (which is a face hat/ mask/ dress ??)) that really stole the show’s spotlight.

Check out some of the craziest heads in London Fashion Week (collages done by The Creative Bent):


london fashion week trend

Sister By Sibling, Simone Rocha, Eudon Choi


London Fashion Week 2013 head accessories

Pam Hogg, KTZ


London Fashion Week 2013 headpieces

Louise Gray, PPQ, Fyodor Golan


London Fashion Week inspiration, Cara Delevingne

Issa, Haizhen Wang


There you go! Don’t they all just blow you away??! I’m especially in love with Eudon Choi’s, Louise Gray, Haizhen Wang, and Fyodor Golan single statement headpiece. Surely the LFW had so many things to scream out (Burberry’s lovely hearts and Topshop Unique’s collection, yuuuum), but I really loved the headpieces going on there. I hope you agree with me.


AND NOT TO FORGET! This is The Creative Bent’s part of the post where she wrote about the deliciously crazy prints (also featuring my illustration of the madness prints). You just know she understands what she’s talking about here:  http://thecreativebent.com/london-fashion-week-madness-prints/.

So, what’s your favorite thing going on at the fashion week? Are the headpieces and prints over the top or just right?




-The Dilly Chic-


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