Meet My Newest Weapon – BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette

I cannot describe my joy when I got my hands on this beautiful palette. As someone who constantly draws with eyeshadows, having the right colors is as important as having a stylish suit for the office! I used to do all my works with  48-color palette (local Indonesian brand). The colors are actually very good, but it does have the limitation of a 48-color palette. There wasn’t even any grass green in it! And some colors are not pigmented enough, for either drawing or proper makeup use.

That’s why when this thing first landed on my room, I felt a whoosh of joy, a gust of glory, a cry of victory… (seriously). I waited for almost a month for this to land! I just HAD to rampage the packaging! I never rampaged a package before, especially when it’s covered with bubble wraps!  BUT NOT THAT TIME. So you know how excited I was to receive this eyeshadow palette. It’s my life saver, really.

The package

The package

So why this one? Why BH Cosmetics? Why the 2nd Edition? Isn’t there any good palette in your country? Here’s the story.

A good friend of mine (also Indonesian, studying in France currently) recommended this brand from a long time ago, around 2 years back perhaps, when I was still raging about my dream of being a makeup artist. She had ordered from BH Cosmetics before (the 88 color matte one) and was very pleased with what she received. Then I got curious and checked out the website myself and WOW. The reviews are raging! People were saying about how good, well blended, and pigmented the eyeshadows are. Back at the time the idea of having to purchase cosmetics from aboard was a bit silly. My country is in nowhere short of makeup supplies. (Fun fact: some makeups are incredibly cheap here you won’t believe it) (Fun Fact #2: the most “pirated” cosmetic brand here is M.A.C, you can find $1 “M.A.C” eyeliners almost everywhere here)

When I started eyeshadow illustrating, the need and the lust for a good palette started to grow. I never am the person who finds the definite connection between high price and guaranteed quality. In fact, some of my mother’s high-end cosmetics (eyeshadows, compact powders, lipsticks) are some of the worst I came across. The eyeshadows are badly pigmented, the powders look cakey and crack upon use, and the lipsticks are very dry on the lips despite the lip primer beforehand. Just… awful (and I’m definitely not naming the brands here). So I started to look around for a good palette in my lovely city, but once again… the only ones I could find are either the branded, overpriced stuff that are NOT decently pigmented at all, or the counterfeit M.A.Cs. I stand my ground that I’ll never buy fake products, it’s either go real, unbranded, or less known brand. No fakes. Period.

The delicious colors

The delicious colors

That’s when I decided to give BH Cosmetics palette a try. I bought it during a New Year deal ($25 for two 120 color palettes!), I got the 2nd edition and my friend got the 1st.  And may I say that I am VERY pleased with what I got. It’s as good as the reviews said. Never have I come across such bold, pigmented colors! They’re a true joy to makeup artists, I believe, and to someone like me who fills her day coloring with eyeshadows. And with the shipping price, it’s still cheaper than the counterfeit MACs. I’m one hell of a satisfied customer.

Here are the complete palettes and colors (5 editions, wow!)

[all photos taken from BHCosmetics’ official website, all images link to the respective product in BHCosmetics site]

BHCosmetics eyeshadow palette 1st edition BHCosmetics eyeshadow palette 2nd edition

BHCosmetics eyeshadow palette 3rd edition

BHCosmetics eyeshadow palette 4th edition

BHCosmetics eyeshadow palette 5th edition

1st edition contains almost every basic color, with wide ranges of primary ones such as yellow, red, green, and blue, and less neutral colors

2nd edition is pretty similar to the 1st one, only with few more natural colors such as brown and cremes

3rd edition is more earthy with more neutrals, browns, and greys. I would imagine it would be perfect for those elegant nights out, as the colors don’t pop out, but rather blend in with your complexion.

4th edition FUNKY!

5th edition is all about naturals. I could see myself wearing some of the colors on my cheeks.

Since I draw with my palette, I would need the widest range of colors possible (that contains some naturals for drawing skin) so I went for the 2nd one. Which ones would you go for?

-The Dilly Chic-

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