New Year, Jessica Simpson’s New Collection – Digging It?

Who doesn’t love new stuff? New outfits, new pair of shoes, new year, new terms of privacy. Okay maybe not for the last one (Instagrammers, respond?). But we have to admit the word NEW turns us on. It makes us excited, discovering something new. So when people tell us to “bring something new to the table”, we split our heads trying to find creative fresh ideas.


So yesterday I was bored and decided to do some (guess what?) online window shopping/ browsing! I know Jessica Simpson has some new stuff on board so I decided to check it out. Result? I love it, even though I must say it’s not for everyone. It’s a little eccentric, a little twisty, a little “out there” but not over the top, a little brave, but all in all it’s definitely new. “New” as in you probably can’t find such collection elsewhere.


You can check out the full collection here, and I picked out the three I love most with links to their respective pages in case you’re super curious.


Casper Bermuda Pink Suede

Casper – Bermuda Pink Suede

Christie Black Leather

Christie – Black Leather

Sawana Red Ocean Blue

Sawana – Red Ocean Blue


Let’s get the facts straight here, lovers gonna love the and haters gonna hate. I personally love that the collection brings something new and something strong. I say that JS managed to twist things around for sure. The platforms and the creative designs are not for everyone to wear, but I can surely say it’s for everyone to enjoy.

What do you think? Dig in or dig out? 1 day until the changing year and officially surviving apocalypse, cheers for a great year behind us and have a wonderful year ahead guys! Thank you so much for sticking with TDC for half a year :’)


-The Dilly Chic-

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