How Do You Rock…?

Your RED RED RED lips? I had a deep conversation with a best friend about how to wear red lips best (imagine how deep the conversation must be…) aaaaaand we decided -at midnight- to put on our favorite red lips look. I know oxblood/ burgundy is all the rage right now, but bright red lips would always be timeless. And it was a golden opportunity to hone my photography makeup skills anyway so I didn’t mind.


This is the look I chose, red lips, dark outfit in general, and side swept hair. No eyeshadows, only some thick dark liquid eyeliners and deep black mascaras. I would say this is pretty much the classic red-black combination. Every bits and pieces reminiscences of 20’s glamour and somehow a darker version of Marilyn Monroe.

redlips nadya1

Arggghhhh I suck at being photographed, posing, etc… It took my friend like, 99975743 shots to get one good picture of me where I didn’t look like a bitch, moron, or donkey. I’m honestly willing to improve my photo posing skill. It gets tiring to look bad in pictures, and I feel bad for anyone holding the camera. ¬†Also for the sake of this blog.

redlips nadya2


These are the looks my friend chose. First, the clean look. Everything made natural, very light eyeshadows and blush, messy-greasy pulled back hair. White shirt, buttoned to the top, combining sassy, smarty, and elegance. Yeah whatever with descriptions.

redlips anes1


Second one, the party girl. Smoky eyes, little black dress, bracelets. Another classic, but never boring.

redlips anes2


redlips anes3

And to think that all of these were done at dawn… Anyway, how do you usually rock your sassy red lips? Would love to get some new look ideas!


-The Dilly Chic-

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